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    Expand to new markets on Apple Vision Pro

    Apple Vision Pro will launch in new markets starting in June 2024, so you can bring your apps and games to Australia, Canada, China mainland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

    A screenshot of the App Store for Apple Vision Pro as it appears in a living room. The screenshot contains a large image of the Ursa Major constellation with the headline “Explore the Cosmos.”

    Your apps and games will be automatically available in the regions you’ve selected in App Store Connect, and you can manage the availability of your visionOS apps and compatible apps at any time. You can also localize your product page metadata for local audiences.

    New marketing features in App Store Connect

    Featuring Nominations

    Let our expert editorial team know about your app’s upcoming content and enhancements for their consideration for featuring on the App Store. With Featuring Nominations in App Store Connect, you can highlight new content (such as an In-App Event), an app enhancement, or an entirely new app launch (or pre-order). When submitting a nomination, you’ll include an expected publish date, relevant countries or regions, and other helpful details to give our team additional context for consideration. Our team reviews each submission to help connect developers making great apps and games with people who will love them. Learn about getting featured on the App Store.

    Available later this year.

    Marketing assets in the App Store Connect app

    Promote your app’s biggest moments — such as a new app launch, new version, or getting featured on the App Store — using marketing assets you generate in the App Store Connect app. Choose from an assortment of visual assets, then share them to your selected social media channels to encourage people to download your app. If your app gets featured, for example as App of the Day, you’ll receive a notification letting you know, so you can select your assets, share, and celebrate.

    Available later this year.

    Custom product pages on the App Store let you highlight different features or content available in your app. When someone taps to open your app from one of your custom product pages, the deep link seamlessly takes them to the highlighted feature or content in your app.

    Visit App Store Connect to assign a custom URL or a universal link that’s recognized by your app’s code.

    And later this year, you can use custom product pages with deep links in Apple Search Ads campaigns to provide a consistent experience from your ad to the destination in your app.

    Now available, with Apple Search Ads support coming later this year.

    Reduced screenshot requirements

    We’re simplifying the minimum screenshot requirements in App Store Connect to help you streamline your workflow. Instead of requiring two sets of screenshots for iOS apps and iPad apps, only a single iPhone screenshot will be required for iOS apps and only a single iPad screenshot will be required for iPadOS apps. If you prefer, you can still provide screenshots for any iPhone and iPad display sizes that aren’t required.

    Coming this fall.

    Subscription offer updates

    Win-back offers for auto-renewable subscriptions

    Reach churned subscribers and encourage them to resubscribe right on the App Store with new win-back offers. Apple determines customer eligibility based on your offer configuration, allowing you to encourage people to resubscribe to your app. Eligible customers can discover win-back offers across the App Store, including on your product page and in editorial selections on the Today, Games, and Apps tabs, as well as within your app. People can tap your offer card on the App Store to learn more details about your offer and open or redownload your app to seamlessly redeem the offer.

    When creating win-back offers in App Store Connect, you’ll choose the incentive type and determine customer eligibility. For example, you can create a pay up front offer for a reduced subscription price of $9.99 for three months, with a standard renewal price of $39.99 per year. You can choose to present this offer to people whose subscription has been expired for at least one month, but were previously subscribed for at least six months. Based on your configuration, the App Store will display the offer to eligible customers. To get ready for win-back offers, make sure your app uses the latest StoreKit 2 APIs.

    Win-back offer testing support in Xcode testing is now available. Full availability coming later this year.

    Offer codes in macOS

    Provide discounted or free subscriptions for a period of time to help you acquire, retain, and bring back subscribers with offer codes for macOS apps. Generate one-time-use codes or custom codes, and distribute them using online and offline channels. People can redeem them through a redemption URL or within your app.

    Coming later this year.

    StoreKit updates

    StoreKit views

    Enhancements to StoreKit views give you more flexibility and customization options when building your merchandising experiences. New styles and layouts let you present subscription options in a more compact manner, giving you additional space to communicate the value of your subscription to people. You can take advantage of these updates on all Apple platforms, in just a few lines of code.

    Now available.

    In-App Purchase testing enhancements

    Test your In-App Purchases throughout the development process. Improvements to StoreKit Testing in Xcode and the Apple sandbox environment help you test additional purchase scenarios and ensure they work properly. Additional testing controls help you verify your app’s merchandising, check transaction entitlements, simulate billing issues, and test new features like win-back offers. Learn how to set up StoreKit Testing in Xcode and test In‑App Purchases with sandbox.

    Now available in beta.

    Original StoreKit APIs deprecated

    As of June 2024, the original StoreKit APIs are deprecated and are no longer updated. To take advantage of the best performance and latest features, upgrade your app to support StoreKit 2. The modern Swift-based APIs in StoreKit 2 make delivering great In‑App Purchase experiences easier, with improved security, additional customer support, and ongoing enhancements.

    Introducing Advanced Commerce APIs

    The App Store In‑App Purchase system will include a new set of APIs to help support complex monetization use cases later this year. Examples include content creator apps who want to offer subscriptions, apps with large catalogs of content, complex SKU bundling, or digital content which spans across multiple apps operated by the same developer account. If you’re interested in applying for access to these APIs, sign up to get notified as more details and documentation becomes public.

    Learn about Advanced Commerce APIs and sign up to get notified

    TestFlight enhancements

    Invite users to test your apps and App Clips and collect valuable feedback before releasing with TestFlight. Updates include:

    • Invitation enhancements. Invitations now include your beta app description and app category to better highlight new features or content your app or game offers to prospective testers. If your app is approved for distribution, you also have the option to include screenshots in the invite. And we’ve added a way for people to leave feedback if they don’t join your beta, so you can understand why they didn’t participate.
    • Tester criteria. Choose to set criteria for external testers, allowing you to more easily enroll relevant testers to provide feedback for your beta app. You can select device and OS criteria, so only testers who are qualified can accept the invitation.
    • Public link metrics. Find out how successful your public link is at enrolling testers for your app with new metrics. Understand how many testers viewed your invitation, and accepted your invite. If you’ve chosen to set criteria for the public link, you can also view how many testers didn’t meet the criteria.

    Available later this year.

    App Store search enhancements

    Later this year, we’re adding Focus State to App Store search to help people more easily find the best apps and games that fit their needs. Focus State offers people recent and suggested searches to give them quick access to past searches, as well as personalized search suggestions so they can more effortlessly initiate a search.

    Available later this year.

    Re-engagement in AdAttributionKit

    AdAttributionKit lets advertisers measure the success of their advertising across multiple channels — all in a way that preserves user privacy. AdAttributionKit features enhanced attribution information and supports measurements for app-to-app-based campaigns, so advertisers can better optimize their efforts across more channels. In iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 or later, you can measure when users reengage with your app after they’ve downloaded it. When this occurs, you and the ad network receive up to three post backs when a user opens your app from tapping an ad.

    Now available.

    New analytics in App Store Connect

    Earlier this year, we expanded the analytics available for your apps to help you get even more insight into your business and apps’ performance. These reports include hundreds of new metrics that can enable you to evaluate your performance and find opportunities for improvement. Reports categories include:

    • App Store Engagement — the number of people on the App Store interacting with your app or sharing it with others
    • App Store Commerce — downloads, sales, pre-orders, and transactions made with the secure App Store In‑App Purchase system
    • App Usage — active devices, installs, app deletions, and more
    • Frameworks Usage — an app’s interaction with OS capabilities, such as PhotoPicker and Widgets
    • Performance — how your apps perform and how users interact with specific features

    Now available.